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Welcome to the Smart 404 Demo Shop

The following links are examples of how Smart 404 works.
These links used to trap visitors in a dead end and would normally finalize their venture to your shop.

See how Smart 404 improves not only the 404 page but the customers experience with your shop:

  1. The first example is a matched rule for the URL search string "women" and the Article search string "women". Meaning that Smart404 has detected the URL search string in the URL and automatically searched the shop for content containing the Article search string.
    The results are then shown on the 404 page.
  2. Example two is the same as number one, exept that the URL and Article search string is "men".
  3. Example three shows a special event with a custom message including HTML.
  4. Example four shows the special event redirecting the customer to a other page:
  5. The last example shows the "fallback", a backup if none of your rules applies.

In our example we chose the same word as URL and Article search string, you are free to choose otherwise.

Keep in mind that you can create numerous rulesets looking for different keywords and resulting in different events!